Thursday, April 22, 2010

"Falling in love with love is falling for make believe..."

I think that soul mates and true love is fictional. Finding that person that you have perfect symmetry with, doesn't exist. The stories of people that have met someone that can finish their sentences, that knows them in and out, that they honestly love with all of their heart...that's a one in a million. For the rest of us mere mortals that haven't been so divinely blessed we have to settle for someone that can be what we need.

Janix, I adore you. But I am tired of waiting for you to realize that what your sibling has is just that. Once in a million. For most of us, love is someone that we're compatible with, that makes us think 'kiss me.' You want me to be like your ex that called you every day, that needed to talk to you all the time. That's not me. If I depended on anyone like that, I would never have made it through half of the crap that I have made it through with so few scars on my heart.
I'm no one's first priority. No one goes to sleep thinking about me or wanting to call me. And if someone did I'd probably be a bit creeped out.
I've said many times that my happily ever after will be with the man that can laugh when I get weird, calm me down when I get homicidal, ground me when I go a bit mad, stop me when I try to do something crazy (or at least have a first aid kit ready), and can actually put up with me until a wedding.

I don't want some perfect life. If I had one I'd probably spend my time trying to figure out how the heck did that happen. I want a real one. I real life, a real relationship that isn't going towards some make believe future.

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