Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wizard of Oz and Wicked

I'm in a family of scarecrows though Fiyero was hot when he was still human.
Just so there's no confusion my name is 'wickedgirlie' from the musical Wicked, and girlie because that's what I call my friends.
So if my family is all scarecrows does that make me the Tin Man or the Wicked Witch? As long as I'm not Glinda. I love Elphaba and Boq is a jerk so lets go with Elphaba. I don't see how Nessa's spell worked. He never had heart to begin with. Or a brain. Maybe that's why he's hollow. Hehe.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Well today was a complete waste of make-up. I never thought I'd ever really say that but what do ya know. I did. I was particularily cute today and Janix didn't bother to show up. Hmph.
Now, I'm not a girly girl but I enjoy looking hot. More importantly I like when I happen to catch a guy watching me walk by. (Yes, it happens. Even if Orion never bloody realized it. Again hmph.) This one time a girl commented that I wasn't very tomboy in my tank top and hip hugger jeans. I told her it wasn't about looking the part, I like looking hot, and then I looked at her boyfriend who was 'subtly' checking me out and said, "looks like your boyfriend agrees." She was pretty pissed. Hehe
Back to Orion... It's a shame that Dante didn't create a circle of hell for for stupidity but then again that circle would be overflowing and no one would ever get to heaven. (I'd be in the Eighth Circle in Bolgia 4. Hey, at least I'd be i n the fortress or whatever.)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Shyness (Mysterious of Men Part 2)

Guys are so impossible. While I acknowledge that I'm horrible at the subtleties of reading between the lines, would it kill a guy to recognize that I'm asking him out? I mean really. Yes, I know that it's the 21st century but I hate making the first move. I recognize that Janix is shy but so am I and if we both wuss out nothing is accomplished.
Dammit, dammit, dammit! Yes, I know that wasn't particularily eloquent but it was what came to mind.
I always thought that I was comfortable in my own skin but is my shyness a flaw or is it just my personality?

Monday, February 8, 2010

Pain in the Butt Cards

I love my tarot cards, really I do. They're just capricious, fickle pains in the butt.
What psychics don't want you to know is that tarot cards have emotions and minds of their own. These reflect the reader so try to get a psychic that really is as serene as they all pretend to be. If the reader is mischievous by nature, so will her deck.
Mine like mind games. They always tell the truth, okay they usually tell the truth, only problem is that truth may not be what I asked. Or they'll give really obvious answers that make you think well duh. I coulda figured that out on my own.
Yesterday I asked about Orion. I asked if he had feelings for me: yes, yes. I asked if he hated me: no, yes, no. If he loved me: yes, no, yes. If he'd make a move: a difinitive NO. If he was gay: yes, yes, no.
...Oh dear. Maybe Isabelle was right all along. Either that or the cards are really enjoying this. Brigid (My cards) are seriously enjoying this.