Tuesday, November 17, 2009


There is something about the way the world works that leaves the bystanders staring on, dumbstruck by the ignorance and the stupidity of the humans around us. There have been days where someone has made such a remarkably ignorant statement that I have been struck dumb by it, making them think they have one the argument. I have wondered many times are we descended from monkeys…or are monkeys descended from us? There are definitely people that are more monkey-like than human.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Truth or Lie

The truth in itself is a lie. Even when you ask "tell me the truth" what you really want is a pretty lie. When a girl asks "do these pants make my look fat?" she wants you to lie though she'll probably be glad for the truth later.
On any given day I have to lie at least ten times. Some times with an "I'm fine" or "Nope, everything is good" and sometimes its just with a smile. I'm either the greatest liar...or the greatest actress. The mask I wear changes like I change underwear. Sometimes I'm the dutiful daughter and sometimes I'm the slightly rebellious teenage girl and sometimes, when no one that's family is around, I'm me.
I've always hated posers and fakes but I have to be one in my family because my family is the lie. None of them want the truth because it is so much easier to believe the lie.