Monday, February 8, 2010

Pain in the Butt Cards

I love my tarot cards, really I do. They're just capricious, fickle pains in the butt.
What psychics don't want you to know is that tarot cards have emotions and minds of their own. These reflect the reader so try to get a psychic that really is as serene as they all pretend to be. If the reader is mischievous by nature, so will her deck.
Mine like mind games. They always tell the truth, okay they usually tell the truth, only problem is that truth may not be what I asked. Or they'll give really obvious answers that make you think well duh. I coulda figured that out on my own.
Yesterday I asked about Orion. I asked if he had feelings for me: yes, yes. I asked if he hated me: no, yes, no. If he loved me: yes, no, yes. If he'd make a move: a difinitive NO. If he was gay: yes, yes, no.
...Oh dear. Maybe Isabelle was right all along. Either that or the cards are really enjoying this. Brigid (My cards) are seriously enjoying this.

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