Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Well today was a complete waste of make-up. I never thought I'd ever really say that but what do ya know. I did. I was particularily cute today and Janix didn't bother to show up. Hmph.
Now, I'm not a girly girl but I enjoy looking hot. More importantly I like when I happen to catch a guy watching me walk by. (Yes, it happens. Even if Orion never bloody realized it. Again hmph.) This one time a girl commented that I wasn't very tomboy in my tank top and hip hugger jeans. I told her it wasn't about looking the part, I like looking hot, and then I looked at her boyfriend who was 'subtly' checking me out and said, "looks like your boyfriend agrees." She was pretty pissed. Hehe
Back to Orion... It's a shame that Dante didn't create a circle of hell for for stupidity but then again that circle would be overflowing and no one would ever get to heaven. (I'd be in the Eighth Circle in Bolgia 4. Hey, at least I'd be i n the fortress or whatever.)

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