Thursday, January 14, 2010


Last night I was watching CSI: New York. It was the episode where a Nazi soldier was found after he sold a brooch that he stole from a Jewish woman that trusted him to get her and her family across the border but instead he delivered her to Auschwitz. I cried. It didn’t matter that the story was fake; for another family it was probably true.
When I was 14, I went to Germany with my grandmother, my cousin, and some other students. We went to Dachau. I stayed within the walls for maybe five minutes before I wanted to run as far away as I could and purify myself. I had to settle for the bus. It doesn’t matter how they cleanse that place it is tainted. It is as close to hell as I hope ever to be.
Once again, I sit and wonder. How do people do that to one another? How can people kill and torture another human that bleeds like them, that cries like them, and feels pain just like they do? How do they honestly believe that their victims are no more than animals?
Ignorance breeds prejudice and fear. One day I’ll be a history teacher and I want to be able to try and stop the hate but
for now, I’ll light a candle for those that didn’t deserve to die be it to intolerance of religion, nationality, race, or just because someone didn’t like them.
Carlos Santana said “Those that do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” So remember the past and try to make the future a better one.

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