Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years

Okay, these are the things I have learned this year and no they're not in chronological order.
1. Diets suck. I am a total junk food junkie and have managed to resist my beloved sweets for the most part and walking off a lot of it. And despite all this I've only managed to drop three pounds.
2. Never take math as a night course.
3. Don't take friends for granted. Many of them are only temporary so enjoy them while you can.
4. Men will always be morons. It's like a terminal disease that they suffer.
5. Scratch four. Everyone will be moronic at random points of their lives. Men seem to be a bit more often though.
6. Every so often it's good to indulge the parentals. Just make sure they remember that when they become old and decrepit you'll be picking their retirement homes.
7. This is gonna sound kinda hypocritical but kiss that boy. Even if you don't want anything more it's nice to take that off the list of regrets. Admittedly...I probably will never do that to Orion but I will to the next guy.
8. Growing old is required but growing up is optional.

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