Monday, October 19, 2009

Love and Boys

Boys are annoying pains in the asses so why do we love them? I honestly can't answer that. My first love in a complete moron that I'm still waiting for him to realize he fell in love with me. Actually I'll be happy just knowing where I stand with him. He's a conundrum. A straight guy that won't stare down my shirt.
Yes I'm aware that sounds weird but at least then I'd know for sure that he's attracted. Well Isabelle says he's gay, like a good best friend. Riley says it's because he doesn't want to risk doing something he'll regret later.
I'm not a tactful or diplomatic person. I say things exactly as I see them and the whole reading between the lines is completely beyond me. Yea yea I know. It may make me seem a little slow but it's true.
TELL ME WHAT YOU MEAN!!!!!! I'm not a fucking mind reader!
My claddagh ring is worn on my right hand pointed outward even though he "captured" my heart ages ago. But I'm never going to fully admit that to him. ;)

Names were changed for their privacy and what's left of their sanity.

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